Mummy-and-Me Exercise Ideas

Isabelle Jackson

After nine demanding months of pregnancy, you may be feeling drained and weak. Postpartum exercise is a great way to encourage the healing process, restore muscle strength and regain your fitness levels. Following a straightforward birth with no complications, you can get moving as soon as you feel ready. However, adequate time to allow your body to settle and heal might be required.

A great way to get back into a healthy fitness routine is to include your baby and engage in some fun mum and baby exercise. Here are a few active adventure suggestions for you and your little one. 


Going for a stroll with your baby is a great low-impact starter exercise. You might be lucky enough to live in an attractive rural area, close to a park or nature reserve. If not, then a simple circuit around your estate or town centre will suffice. Taking your baby for a walk will familiarise them with their environment while you both get some fresh air. Investing in a practical, high-quality stroller will give you and your baby the freedom to wander across a range of terrains comfortably and safely. You could even make a day of it by bringing some friends and a picnic. 

Pre-pregnancy, you might have been a keen jogger. Some strollers are designed specifically for jogging, with large wheels made from durable rubber and suspension systems so your baby can enjoy a smooth ride.

Baby Yoga

Yoga is highly beneficial for both you and your baby and is tremendous fun. Nourish your body with gentle stretches, movements and breathing techniques, all while encouraging your baby’s motor development and coordination. Mum and baby yoga is also an excellent bonding method as you focus on gentle poses that allow you to connect with one another mindfully. 

Most yoga studios offer parent and baby yoga sessions, providing a convivial atmosphere where you can socialise with other parents. However, if you don’t have one nearby, you could always follow a YouTube video at home for guidance.


What better way to get moving than forgetting your troubles with a boogie? Push the living room furniture back, stick on some feel-good tunes and dance like nobody’s watching—nobody, of course, except your little one. Babies love dancing and often match lively energy by mimicking movements. This is beneficial to the development of muscle tone as well as spatial and bodily awareness. Dancing is also a multi-sensory activity that helps babies develop a sense of rhythm, aiding their creativity and imagination. 


Another low-impact, all-rounder form of physical activity is swimming. Suitable for all ages, swimming is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that lowers the risk of numerous diseases for adults and benefits vital muscle development for babies. There is no minimum age requirement for baby swimming; however, many professionals advise waiting until they are around six weeks old.

When you feel ready, grab a reusable swimming nappy and head to your local pool, which will likely offer baby swim lessons. Being in the water provides your baby with a tremendous freedom of movement as they experiment with new ways of moving, giving their whole body a gentle workout while strengthening their vestibular system. 

Soft Play

It may sound chaotic, but taking your baby to a soft play centre could provide you with a more-than-satisfactory workout. As your baby starts to crawl and walk, they’ll want to climb, balance and explore. Considering many homes pose potential risks, a soft play centre is the perfect environment for your baby to move around freely and safely. You’ll be surprised by how exhausting chasing after an unbridled infant can be, and by the time your little one is satisfied, you’ll be ready for a nap, too. Soft play centres are also excellent hubs for socialisation and meeting new friends. 


Cycling is a superb form of lower-body exercise, helping to strengthen leg muscles and flexibility. Once your baby is around twelve months old, you can begin taking them on cycling trips. With the correct gear, your little one can share your passion and experience the thrill of a good old-fashioned bike ride whilst safely strapped into a bike seat or trailer. Ensure you provide all the necessary safety equipment, including a well-fitting helmet.