Top 10 Christmas Gifts From You To You

Isabelle Jackson

We all deserve a little luxury at Christmas. Through racking your brain, deciding on the perfect gifts for your significant other, friends and family members, it’s important to take a step back and look after number one. Treating yourself during the festive season is the perfect way to feel cared for and refreshed, so what are you waiting for?

If you could use a little treat this Christmas, here are some suggestions. 

A Fancy Bottle Of Wine

Although you could pop to the shops and buy any old mediocre bottle of wine, don’t you deserve something with the wow factor? An outstanding bottle of wine is a true treat for the senses. You don’t need to be a connoisseur of deep, robust reds like Cabernet Sauvignon; you may fancy a bottle of crisp, refreshing Champagne or sweet Provence rosé. 

Skincare Set

Finding the right skincare routine can be a delicate balance, and with so many varying products available, it can be difficult to know what to buy. Many skincare brands offer personalised skincare packages based on questions regarding your skin type. Once you’ve purchased your products and established a routine, your skin will be glowing in no time. 

Designer Perfume

There is nothing quite like the familiar scent of a classic perfume, such as Chanel N°5 or Dior Dolce Vita. Timeless fragrances lend themselves to sophisticated soirees and exuberant parties, of which there are plenty during the festive period. Alternatively, instead of one bottle of perfume, you could purchase a set of miniatures so you can discover your new signature scent. 

Personalised Jewellery

A high-quality item of personalised jewellery is a great way to express your individuality. Opt for your favourite metal, be it 14-karat gold or sterling silver, and stick with a timeless design that will work in harmony with various outfits. You could personalise your piece with your name, initials, or for something a little less on the nose, your birthstone. 

Artisan Chocolates

Sweet treats are synonymous with Christmas, but for something a little more decadent, consider splashing out on some hand-crafted artisan chocolates. Often made to order with flavours and textures of your choosing, artisan chocolates, made with high-quality, natural ingredients, are a luxurious alternative to mass-produced holiday chocolates. Just remember to hide them from the rest of your household! 

New Jeans

When it comes to presents, jeans are risky. Getting your recipient’s size correct is one area of concern, but you also have to consider their individual style preferences. Avoid the whole hassle by treating yourself to your dream jeans. Whether they are a pair of practical yet chic AG Isabelle jeans for everyday wear or statement vintage flares, you deserve a pair of pants to make you feel fabulous. 

Luxury Nightwear

Summer nights in the Southern Hemisphere can be decidedly uncomfortable. To guarantee a restful night’s sleep while temperatures soar, lightweight, breathable nightwear is essential. For luxury nightwear, as beautiful as it is practical, opt for a pure silk cami and shorts pyjama set with a floaty matching kimono for lazy mornings and chilled evenings. 

Designer Shoes

Shouldn’t every wardrobe contain at least one pair of statement shoes? Designer footwear can instantly elevate your look, and while you can expect to fork out a sizable sum, the number of wears compared to high street shoes is significantly increased. You don’t have to opt for an outlandish high-fashion style - a timeless pair of black stilettos makes for the perfect Christmas party ensemble. 

A New Laptop

Is your laptop truly past it? If your old, outdated laptop is taking forever to load applications and is threatening to give up the ghost any day now, it might be time to get a new one that suits your needs. A fast, reliable system is essential, particularly if you use your computer for work. So head to your local electronic retailers and invest in some state-of-the-art technology.

Fresh Flower Subscription

One surefire way to brighten your home is with the addition of greenery. Houseplants and fresh flowers have extraordinary mood-boosting abilities, so it’s easy to see why many of us are self-proclaimed houseplant fanatics. A fantastic way to keep a steady supply of floral beauty is to sign up for a fresh flower subscription, providing you with cut-to-order flowers weekly or monthly.