Ways to Add Stone to Your Home Interior Design

Stone is a material that’s been used in homes for centuries; it has some great properties, which include its ability to absorb heat and release it when a room cools down. It's also a very strong, hard-wearing material that doesn’t go out of style. If you love the look and properties of stone, we have some ways that you can add it to your home’s interior design.

Stone fireplace

A stone fireplace is a distinct look that adds style and drama to your room whilst also creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Stone’s ability to absorb heat makes it perfect for a fireplace surround. It will help to keep your room warmer for longer as it slowly releases the heat back into the room once the temperature drops. Stone fireplaces come in a variety of colours and designs, so you can choose a style that suits your home decoration. In addition, the maintenance needed to keep a stone fireplace looking great is minimal, so it will create a statement in your living space for many years to come. 

Stone wall

Stone can be used to create walls inside and outside your home. A full stone wall in the interior of a home creates an interesting and beautiful natural focal point for the room. The stone helps create a natural feeling, bringing the outside inside; it's often used in areas where you want to create a cosy feel. This type of wall looks great when contrasted against a large glass window or glass doors. Cleaning an interior stone wall is easy; you simply need to remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner. 

Stone floors

Stone is a high-quality material that can add value to your property. Another popular use for stone is in flooring; stone floor tiles are a great addition to any kitchen. They’re incredibly durable, which makes them perfect for areas of the home that get a lot of use. For those that want to choose more environmentally friendly materials, stone tiles fit into this category; they’re natural and sustainable. Finishes like stone floors can make your home more desirable and push up the valuation if you decide to sell your home in the future. 

Stone staircase

If you’re looking to add a stone interior design element to your home that grabs attention, a stone staircase is a good choice. This type of bespoke staircase is grand and elegant, often used in large houses. It creates an experience when you step through the door. Stone staircases are great for people that want to avoid the creaking associated with wooden stairs. They’re also really easy to maintain, clean and can add value to your property. A stone staircase won’t rot or degrade over time and can stay in good condition for hundreds of years. 

Stone bath 

A stone bath will add a bit of luxury to your home. The matt finish is modern and unique and creates a focal point for your bathroom. As mentioned previously, stone has the ability to retain heat; this is perfect for material for making a bath. The water will retain its temperature for longer without needing to be topped up with more hot water. A stone bath is a great choice to improve your relaxing experience if you love long soaks in the bath. Freestanding stone baths also look fantastic in any bathroom; they add class, value and practicality. 

Stone ornaments 

You don’t need to go all out and spend thousands of pounds on adding stone elements to your home decoration. You can add small touches of stone to create an interesting look in your home. Stone ornaments are a good place to start. Stone ornaments are classic and can be used inside or outside your home for decoration. The texture and natural pattern of the stone make each ornament unique and interesting. Stone vases and candle holders are very popular as ornaments inside the home. There are thousands of stone ornament designs you can place outside your home to add personality to your outside space. 

Stone is a unique material that’s durable, fire-resistant and retains heat. It can be used all around the home and garden to add a feel of luxury and grandeur.